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FORUMS   »   General Discussions   »  Find Contemporary Pictures that do more than surprise - that inspire!

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   09/10/11 01:06 AM Report Abuse    Reply

jncohen  Member

Please use this discussion to introduce contemporary artists that you feel have created pictures that justify "do more than surprise - these inspire!"

As an example please have a look at my own pictures, that I have been told are inspiratrional.  http://www.artist-john-cohen.net/

I believe they attractively surprise viewers, yet also make quite a statement.   

   03/17/12 06:30 AM Report Abuse    Reply

Kathie Nichols  Member

Very inspiring work John, its always great to discover something unique and different!

   03/17/12 11:54 AM Report Abuse    Reply

jncohen  Member

Thank you Kathie, hoping this discussion will enable us to discover others too.  But if you like what I do please consider joining my new Facebook Fan Page https://www.facebook.com/pages/John-Neville-Cohen/138405532911930?sk=wall  as I need to find more 'Likes' for it.  Many thanks again.

With best wishes,


   03/17/12 12:24 PM Report Abuse    Reply

jncohen  Member

Kathie, I forgot to to mention that your Macro art studies are very interesting!  

   03/18/12 03:06 AM Report Abuse    Reply

Resin Art Gallery  No Image

Hi Guys,

The introduction of Epoxy Resin with mixed media not only generates depth but allows me to stream and fuse my art to form exactly the outcome by which I have a vision! Not only can I manipulate my art but the art itself encapsulates the result within a glass like finish and under varying light conditions allows the observer to appreciate a fresh perspective every time!

See for yourself.... www.resinartgallery.com  probably better if you look at the close up thumb nail pictures i have taken in the For Sale menu.


Kind regards,



   04/27/12 04:51 PM Report Abuse    Reply

Kathie Nichols  Member

Beautiful work Gail,  what a fabulous technique...there are so many different art techniques I'd like to try...only one at a time.  Sometimes I feel like a child in kindergarten playing with paints, textures and paper...LOL!

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